European Group

Opening letters of credit until 180 days

We can present to all buyers interested in importing goods our useful service of opening Letter of Credits, in order to support their business activities.
Here our two available possibilities:

  1. Opening of L/C paid 100% at sight of shipping documents
  2. Opening of L/C with deferred payment of 180 days from the date of B/L


  • The interested buyer pays the cost of the instrument in advance for issuing charges directly to the opening bank institution.
  • After receiving the cost, the issuing institution contacts via swift the beneficiary bank and opens the DLC directly to the supplier.
  • The buyer has to cover the DLC face value to the issuing bank within 15 days before the maturity date of the instrument. After that, the instrument will be cancelled and anymore valid.
  • Also newborn companies with no financial statements, can apply for this instrument and ask for the opening of a deferred DLC. The value of the commodities has to start from a minimum of €/$ 500,000.00 up to a maximum of €/$ 25,000,000.00.

We want to precise that we already have made agreements with different suppliers, who accepted to get paid through L/C deferred as explained above.