European Group

Small projects

We present you our interesting service for financing of projects through our international bank institutions and with the collaboration of several international monetization companies for the request of loans.
The service is aimed at young entrepreneurs.

  1. SMALL PROJECTS for young entrepreneur from 100/150.000 (USDollars or Euros)
    (Bakery, Gas stations, Restaurants, Buying apartments, etc…)
    This type of project can be realized with local or European construction companies and for every destination.
  2. Financing Terms:
    • Value of the project 100/150.000 (USDollars or Euros)
    • Duration: 20 (Twenty) years
    • Interest rate: 2% (Two)
    • Grace period: 2 (Two) years – in total 18 (Eighteen) years of repayment
  3. The funds has to be repaid annually.
  4. Each payment has to be covered with a corporate guarantee note in order to
    protect the investor from the missed deposit. If you need, we can endorse them
    with our partners.
  5. The client will receive the funds within 90/120 working days from the application

You have the possibility to open a bank account in order to receive your funds. We work also with Top banks like HSBC London/HK– Barclays Bank PLC London, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank.