European Group

Cash loans 10 years

Please be aware of the fact that we will be able to process the receiving of a Cash Loan for finance your project under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Value of the project from 5 Millions up to 50 Millions (US Dollars or Euros)
  2. Financing Terms:
    • Duration: 10 (Ten) yearsInterest rate: 1%
    • Grace period: 2 (Two) years
    • In total 8 (Eight) years of repayment
  3. Funds will be released from a BG SWIFT MT 760, guaranteed by our partners.
  4. The client will receive the funds within 90 (ninety) working days from the application date.
  5. The Fund has to be repaid with six-monthly payments, the first one will be paid on the 24th month after the disbursement
  6. Each six-monthly payment has to be covered by a corporate promissory note (in total 16 promissory notes)

There is no outlay of heavy capital for the delivery of the bank instrument. There are only nominal fees for passing compliance and the initial costs of the bank’s services like the swift transmission fee.
The documents required in order to apply are:

  • Application Form (provided by us)
  • Customer Information Sheet (provided by us)
  • Coloured Passport Copy of the Applicant
  • Chamber of Commerce Company Registration or similar
  • Brief Company profile & Statement explaining reason of request on your letterhead