European Group

Debts of private companies 20 years

For companies with financial problems and/or want to complete their company projects (Hotel/Resort, Hospital, Buildings, Industrial, etc.) we can set the following conditions:

  1. The value of the project from 5 Million up to 50 Million (US Dollars or Euros)
  2. Duration: 20 (Twenty) years
  3. Interest rate: 2% (Two)
  4. Grace period: 2 (Two) years in total 18 (Eighteen) years of repayment
  5. The Funds has to be repaid with annual or six-monthly payments
  6. Each payment has to be covered with a corporate guarantee note in order to
    protect the investor from the missed deposit. If you need, we can endorse them
    with our partners.
  7. Funds will be released from a BG SWIFT MT 760, guaranteed by our partners.
  8. The client will receive the funds within 90 working days from the application date.

black-and-white-city-man-peopleYou have the possibility to open a bank account in order to receive your funds.
We will issue the BG MT760 on client’s behalf. There is no upfront fee but the costumer will pay the cost of swift transmission after the signature of the Deed of Agreement, they are the following:

  • our bank send a pre-advice MT799 to the investor’s bank;
  • the investor’s bank provide a MT799 with payment guarantee (requested by the institution);
  • once the MT799 is received the bank will send out directly the MT760.

There is no outlay of heavy capital for the delivery of the bank instrument. There are only nominal fees for passing compliance and the initial costs of the bank’s services like the swift transmission fee.